JoAnn Greco

Greetings! I’m a Philadelphia-based journalist who has written for dozens of newspapers, magazines, custom publications, and websites. Click here for a long, but incomplete, list.

I love writing about design, urban planning and architecture, lifestyle, hospitality and travel, and all things Philadelphia. If I can get two or more of these to intersect — see my report on how a Tokyo neighborhood is fighting re-development for Metropolis Magazine — all the better.

But sometimes it’s the little things that appeal. My interest in the myriad and often overlooked attractions of urban destinations led me to launch an online travel magazine, and since Fall 2009, The City Traveler has published more than 200 stories by 25 professional journalists.

For an updated look at recent clips, please click here.

This year marks my 24th as a freelancer. In June 2015, I spent two weeks meeting mad deadlines and running around New York with a bunch of (mainly) international (mainly) designers who, like me, were participating in the Design, Writing & Research Summer Intensive at the School of Visual Arts. I’ve also taught journalism at three universities, sold my original photography, and opened and operated an evenings-only dessert cafe. In between, I’ve read stacks of books (I like Saramago, Henry James, Nabokov, McEwan), seen lots of movies, learned a few hundred Italian and Japanese words, and watched many, many episodes of Sex & The City, The Office, and Seinfeld.

(Yup, I have no children…. But I do have a mini-golden doodle named Gus!)